Volume 8, No. 3, Fall 1996

Table of Contents


Brian Richardson, “Genre, Transgression, and the Struggle for (Self) Representation in U.S. Ethnic Drama, ” 1-18.

Susan Anthony, “Made in America: Adaptation of British Gothic Plays for the American Stage: 1790-1920,” 19-34.

D.S. Neff, “Horse vs. Crow: Sam Shepard, Ted Hughes, and The Tooth of Crime,” 35-49.

Cinda Gillilan, “Tracers: This is our Parade A First Look at an Understudied Vietnam Drama,” 50-78.

Stephen Nunns, “Reflections in the Mirror: Public Arts Funding in the United States,” 79-93.

Bruce McConachie, “Parlor Combat,” 94-102.



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