Volume 7, No. 3, Fall 1995

Table of Contents


Freda Scott Giles, “Glitter, Glitz, and Race: The Production of Harlem,” 1-12.

Charles A. Carpenter, “American Dramatic Reactions To the Birth of the Atomic Age,” 13-29.

Cristina C. Caruso, “‘One Finds What One Seeks’: Arthur Miller’s The Crucible as a Regeneration Of the American Myth of Violence,” 30-42.

Barbara F. Acker, “‘I Charge Thee Speak’: John Barrymore and His Voice Coach, Margaret Carrington,” 43-57.

Frances Diodato Bzowski, “‘Torchbearers of the Earth’: Women and Pageantry Between the World Wars,” 58-78.

Gerald Weales, Alan Schneider on Broadway,” 79-87.




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