Volume 5, No. 3, Fall 1993

Table of Contents


Mark Fearnow, “The Meaning of Pictures: Myth and American History Plays of the Great Depression, or, Lincoln Died (So You and I Might Live),” 1-15.

Rosemarie K. Bank, “Mrs. Trollope Visits the Theatre: Cultural Diplomacy and Historical Appropriation, ” 16-27.

Michael L. Quinn, “Alan Schneider’s Entrances: Autobiography, Theatre, and Style in an American Frame,” 28-41.

Harry W. Smith, “An Air of the Dream: Jo Mielziner, Innovation and Influence, 1935-1955, ” 42-54.

William F. Condee, “Madame Pace’s Hats: Architecture and the Creation of Drama,” 55-65.