Volume 20, No. 2, Spring 2008

Table of Contents


Barry B. Whitham, “Eggheads and Witches: Molly Kazan Boils the Left,” 9-28.

Sebastian Trainor, “‘It Sounds Too Much Like Comrade‘: The Preservation of American Ideals in Room Service,” 29-48.

Elizabeth Osborne, “A Nation in Need: Revelations and Disaster Relief in The Federal Theatre Project,” 49-64.

Ilka Saal, “Making it Real?: Thetare in Times of Virtual Warfare,” 65-86.

Marlis Schweitzer, “Singing Her Own Song: Writing the Female Press Agent Back Into History,” 87-106.

Adrienne C. Macki, “(Re)constructing Community and Identity: Harlem Experimental Theatre and Social Protest,” 107-140.


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