Volume 17, No. 2, Spring 2005

Table of Contents


Daniel H. Foster, “From Minstrel Shows to Radio Shows: Racism and Representation in Blackface and Blackvoice,” 7-16.

Sarah Bay-Cheng, “The Transcendental Realism of American Verse Drama,” 17-29.

Nicholas K. Davis, “Go Tell It On the Stage: Blues for Mister Charlie as Dialectical Drama,” 30-42.

Ehren Fordyce, “Inhospitable Structures: Some Themes and Forms in Tennessee Williams,” 43-58.

Nita N. Kumar, “Dramatic Trans-formations: The Surrealsim of Being Black and Female in Adrienne Kennedy’s The Owl Answers,” 59-70.

Erin Striff, “Realism and Realpolitik in Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues,” 71-85.

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