Volume 16, No. 3, Fall 2004

Table of Contents


Caridad Svich and Maria M. Delgado, “E/merging Territories: Latina/o Theatre and Performance,” 1-4.

Caridad Svich, “Shaping the Future of the American Voice,” 5-18.

Stephen Bottoms, “Sympathy for the Devil?  Maria Irene Fornes and the Conduct of Life,” 19-34.

Ashley Lucas, “The Stigmatized Body on Stage: Evelina Fernandez’s Dementia in relation to the AIDS Crisis,” 35-51.

Jennifer Flores Sternad, “The Politics of Ephemerality: Harry Gamboa Jr. in Conversation,” 52-62.

Guillermo Gómez-Peña, “Brownout 2 with an introduction by Elaine Katzenberger,” 63-96.

Caridad Svich, “Re-Shaping the Future: Afterthoughts on a Community Conversation,” 97-109.


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