Volume 15, No. 3, Fall 2003

Table of Contents


Editor’s Note, iv.

A Tribute to Vera Mowry Roberts, v.

Milly S. Barranger, “Broadway’s Women on Trial: The McCarthy Years,” 1-37.

Jon Tuttle, “Strange Faces, Other Minds: Sartre, Miller and Clara,” 38-46.

Glenda E. Gill, “‘Nothing But a Man’: Leonard de Paur’s Legacy of Subtle Activism in Theatre and Music,” 47-77.

Robert C. Van Horn, “Theatrical Rescue in Harlem: Richard Harding Davis and John Drew at the Harlem Opera House, 1895,” 78-86.

Jay Malarcher, “‘A Wallow in Slime’: The Attempt to Censor Tobacco Road in New Orleans,” 87-100.

Katie N. Johnson, “Rachel Crother’s Ourselves: Feminist Dramaturgy in Brothel Drama,” 101-120.

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