Volume 15, No. 1, Winter 2003

Table of Contents


Craig Clinton, “Mrs. Leslie Carter: ‘The Bernhardt of America’ and the ‘Producer of Spectacular Plays'”, 1-13.

Mick Sokol, “Professional Theatre in a Small Town? The Hippodrome Proves It Can Be Done,” 14-26.

Alice M. Robinson, “An Entertainment of a Somewhat Novel Character,” 27-43.

J. Chris Westgate, “Asking ‘Queer Questions,’ Revealing Ugly Truths: Giles Corey’s Subversive Eccentricity in The Crucible,” 44-53.

John Houchin, “A Long and Winding Road,” 54-70.

Daniel Davy, “The Enigmatic God: Mask and Myth in Zoot Suit,” 71-87.


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