Volume 14, No. 1, Winter 2002

Table of Contents


David, Savran, “Rent’s Due: Multiculturalism and the Spectacle of Difference,” 1-14.

Brandi Wilkins Catanese, “‘And the Rest is La History’: Autobiographical Strategies in The Colored Museum,” 15-28.

Heather S. Nathans, “Trampling Native Genius: John Murdock versus The Chestnut Street Theatre,” 29-43.

Ray Schultz, “When the ‘A’ Word is Never Spoken: Fear of Intimacy and AIDS in Lanford Wilson’s Burn This,” 44-63.

Marvin McAllister, “Bob Cole’s Willie Wayside: Whiteface Hobo, Middle-Class Farmer, White Trash Hero,” 64-77.



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