Volume 11, No. 2, Spring 1999

Table of Contents


Walter J. Meserve, “Malice, Ignorance, and Good Intentions: The Struggle for Stability in the American Theatre during the 1850s,” 1-16.

Theresa Joette May, “(Re)placing Lillian Hellman: Her Masculine Legend and Feminine Difference,” 17-41.

Richard E. Kramer, “The Lost Premiere of Tennessee Williams’s Eccentricities of a Nightingale,” 42-59.

Cynthia D. Smith, “‘Emasculating Tom, Dick and Harry’: Representations of Masculinity in Susan Glaspell’s The Verge,” 60-77.

Robert Ji-Song Ku, “‘Beware of Tourists if You Look Chinese’ and
Other Survival Tactics in the American Theatre: The Asian(cy) of Display
in Frank Chin’s The Year of the Dragon,” 78-92.