Volume 11, No. 1, Winter 1999

Table of Contents


Lewis E. Shelton, “Arthur Hopkins and The Neo-Romantic Perspective of Directing,” 1-28.

Robert C. Roarty, “Lunchtime Follies: Food, Fun, and Propaganda in America’s Wartime Workplace,” 29-48.

Kimberly D. Dixon, “An I am Sheba me am (She be do be wah waaaah doo wah) O(au)rality, Textuality and Performativity: African American Literature’s Vernacular Theory and the Work of Suzan-Lori Parks,” 49-66.

Susan C. W. Abbotson, “Issues of Identity in Broken Glass: A Humanist Response to a Postmodern World,” 67-80.

John Fleming, “Facing the Holocaust: Romulus Linney’s Examination of Goering at Nuremberg,” 81-92.