Volume 25, 2013

JADT Volume 25, Number 2, Spring 2013

James Fisher. “Introduction.” 5-7.

Laurence Senelick. “Pictures in Stone: Lithographed Trade Cards and the American Theatre.” 9-36.

Julia Henderson. “The Female Illusionist Revealed: Adelaide Herrmann’s Expression of Womanhood through Fin de Sciecle Material Culture, 1869-1928.” 37-58.

Adelaide Herrmann and Fonzie D. Geary II. “What Good Old Days? Maxwell Anderson Confronts Capitalism and Marriage with a Ride on The Star-Wagon.” 59-76.

 Rachel Joseph. “Glittering Junk: Jack Smith and the Vast Landfill of Identity.” 77-90.

Kyle Gillette. “Poor Things Naturalistic Props and the Death of American Material Culture in Sam Shepard’s Action.” 91-106.


JADT Volume 25, Number 1, Winter 2013

Author, “Title”, Pages

Author, Title, Pages

Author Title, Pages

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