Founded in 1989 and previously edited by Professors Vera Mowry Roberts, Jane Bowers, and David Savran, this widely acclaimed peer reviewed journal is now edited by Professors Naomi J. Stubbs and James F. Wilson. JADT publishes thoughtful and innovative work by leading scholars on theatre, drama, and performance in the Americas – past and present. Provocative articles provide valuable insight and information on the heritage of American theatre, as well as its continuing contribution to world literature and the performing arts.

“I see American Drama and Theatre as a primary means of reflecting the excitement and progress of our language, our culture, our democracy, our social concerns and our historical roots as Americans. No better opportunity exists for understanding, or for contributing to our understanding, of our American world, past or present, than the Journal of American Drama and Theatre, as shown by the excellence of its past performance and the promise of its future.”

– Walter Meserve


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    Naomi J. Stubbs and James F. Wilson

    Book Review Editor

    Maya Roth

    Advisory Editor

    David Savran

    Founding Editors

    Vera Mowry Roberts and Walter Meserve

    Editorial Staff

    Managing Editor

    Lynn Hodeib

    Editorial Assistants

    Ju (Juhyun) Woo

    Zhixuan Zhu

    Martin E. Segal Theatre Center

    Marvin Carlson

    Director of Publications

    Frank Hentschker

    Executive Director

    Editorial Board

    Michael Y. Bennett
    Kevin Byrne
    Tracey Elaine Chessum
    Bill Demastes
    Stuart Hecht
    Jorge Huerta
    Amy E. Hughes
    David Krasner
    Esther Kim Lee
    Kim Marra
    Ariel Nereson
    Beth Osborne
    Jordan Schildcrout
    Robert Vorlicky
    Maurya Wickstrom
    Stacy Wolf

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