Book Review, Vol. 34 No. 1

Radical Experiments in American Playwriting, Tragedy, and Tourism

Maya Roth, Editor


Radical Vision: A Biography of Lorraine Hansberry
By Soyica Diggs Colbert
Reviewed by Kristyl D. Tift

Susan Glaspell’s Poetics and Politics of Rebellion
By Emeline Jouve
Reviewed by Jennifer-Scott Mobley

The Risk Theatre Model of Tragedy: Gambling, Drama, and the Unexpected
By Edwin Wong
Reviewed by David Pellegrini

Performance and the Disney Theme Park Experience: The Tourist as Actor
Edited by Jennifer A. Kokai and Tom Robson
Reviewed by Hui Peng

Books Received

The Journal of American Drama and Theatre
Volume 34, Number 1 (Fall 2021)
ISNN 2376-4236
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